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Pattern Of Unfaithful Partners

When my clients attend a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session not only do we want them to have an interesting and fascinating experience but the deeper spiritual reason is to do some soul searching where insights and wisdom can be brought forward from the subconscious about different areas of their life that may need exploring, transforming and healing. Sometimes people have had a very emotional and challenging time with their romantic relationships either not working out or they haven’t been able to find a life partner who is compatible with them or as committed as they are. This was an area that a client wanted to explore in her session and as follows is the light her subconscious had to share about it. J: Why has she had a pattern of relationships with men who haven’t been as committed as she is? SC: She needed to learn to love herself away from the male gaze and away from the male. She actually knows how powerful she is and if it were combined with a male she would of stopped. She needed to be single to learn to love herself and learn to be within herself so now when this man comes along it will be powerful! J: Is there anything she needs to work on in order to manifest this life partner in? SC: Not really. She can go on-line, it might make her feel better but she doesn’t actually have to DO anything. She likes to take action as it makes her feel worthy - it’s not true though so she doesn’t have to. This will still happen because it’s already done but if she chooses to take action then that’s okay too. She needs to be kind to herself. She hasn’t stuffed up. She thinks she’s too big but she’s not, it’s none of that, it’s all nonsense and it’s something that was programmed into her when she was younger. It’s not true. She needs to be exactly who she is because this man will be attracted to HER - not just her body but her energy and her soul – ALL OF IT. J: That’s the deeper connection she has been wanting. Someone who is not only attracted to the physical vessel but also to the soul of the person and in that way she’s not bringing into her life in a shallow person or someone whose frequency might be low. SC: This man will meet her and will challenge her sometimes. This is good. They will always find a way to learn from each other and be conscious of each other. He has needed to go through what he has in order to get to this point too. It wouldn’t have worked any earlier. There is divine timing here. *(A Special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this with the collective)*


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