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Releasing The Need For Our Partner to Be A Certain Way

When you are in a committed relationship there will inevitably be challenging and frustrating times when you find yourself viewing events and situations in your life through an entirely different lens to your partner. When you are living in the same house together your sense of peace and ease can easily be thrown out of balance by their energy and behaviour. Relationships aren’t easy but we wouldn’t grow and evolve nearly as much as individuals if everything was smooth sailing 24/7. During her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session my client wanted to ask her Higher Self about the differences she was having with her husband and this is the wisdom it had to impart.

J: How does she release her need for her husband to be a certain way in this life?

HS: They do love each other, they just play around too much in the ego space. Just love him, don’t judge him. She must go into her body and hold herself and know that she is safe and know that his behaviour is just him processing his thoughts and he has got the capacity to move through them himself. She often wants to runaway and her grief just grows but she needs to stay present and be loving to herself and send him love because his behaviour is just due to unprocessed emotions from his childhood. He will heal with time. The relationship was not meant to be easy, it’s easy to love someone if they are a certain way, just the way you want them to be but where is the fun in that! Loving him with all those warts, that is “true” love, accepting him as he is and trusting in his journey.

J: Is there anything else she can do to help their relationship become more loving or deepen their connection?

HS: She can spend more time in nature, she knows this, she knows what she needs to do. She needs to give more time to herself, she can even put her child in day care but she feels guilty. The child is happy and resilient. She has all that she needs to have a happy life but she needs to be “still” - still with herself. Be there for her partner but not over engage and she can do that by always coming back to herself every night, checking in with herself and not taking his stuff personally as he doesn’t mean any harm.

(A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this with the collective).


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