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Feeling Like A Failure?

I recently read a wise quote that said... "Giving up on a goal because of one setback is like slashing the other three tyres because you got a flat". Have you ever given up on something because of one setback? Maybe you are working through letting go of an addiction that no longer serves you or working towards a life goal or project of some sort. Initially you were super motivated and doing so well with your momentum but then a trigger or setback happened and you found yourself back at square one! It’s so tempting just to throw in the towel and give up on it altogether because that internal negative self-talk then calls you “a hopeless loser that can never stick to anything”.

What would your soul say to your human self in that moment? It would say to forgive yourself - you are human and there will be unexpected bumps in the road so it’s okay to take a moment to feel frustrated, it’s okay to feel sad or sorry for yourself. It’s just one pot-hole that caught you off guard - a flat tyre on the long journey of life so why sabotage yourself and throw away all the other good progress you have made by giving up completely? Afterwards take a deep breath, pick yourself up, shake off the dust and KEEP GOING because you are strong and resilient. If what's waiting around the corner is truly beneficial for your souls growth then know that you CAN repair it and get on the road again…full steam ahead.


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