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Taking Time Out For Sick Loved Ones

Have you ever noticed when your family members become sick it can often strike at times when you are super busy and stressed with work or trying to hold together all your other commitments of daily life. When my client arrived for her hypnosis session she mentioned that she had to take time out from work because her daughter had recently been sick. She was curious as to the reason behind the sickness so we asked her Higher Self and it shone a light on the experience from a deeper perspective below. J : During the last week that her daughter has not been feeling well health wise, what can you tell us about that? HS: Yes her daughter has been feeling this way to help bring out her mother’s heart energy, her nurturing, getting her to stop, getting her to listen, getting her to get in touch with the compassionate person she is and the love she has been denying herself and others by being so swamped by the practical things in life. It’s her daughters way of bringing awareness to those things and it is her daughters way of drawing in strength for herself as she goes back into the school year. She is needing to draw on her mother’s courage and strength to prepare herself for the school term and in fact the year ahead which will bring many ups and downs. Reassurance is a big lesson for both of them, reassurance that they can manage the world that they are in and that love is a big part of it, a big part of their world that they need to connect to and be reminded of. (A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this with the collective).


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