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The Illusion Of Control

Are you in control of everything in your life or is it all just an illusion of perfection that’s unattainable? Sometimes when we can’t control what’s going on within our own personal lives we might unintentionally seek to gain that sense of power or control back in the outside world by projecting it onto other people and situations. Control seemingly makes our lives easier as it gives us a sense of safety and stability so that we don’t suddenly unravel into those scary boundaries of the unknown and unexpected.

There is nothing wrong with planning ahead or having a sense of order in our lives however we must also be mindful that there are times we need to be more flexible and accepting of what is so that we can allow situations to unfold organically when they need to rather than trying to go against the grain and force a set outcome. The unknown can be a beautiful thing too. A client’s Higher Self once told me that when we try to control things too much it’s like picking up a pile of sand on the beach, the tighter you wrap your hand around it the more quickly it slips through your fingers.

My clients Higher Self had an interesting past life to show him which centred around the theme of control during his Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, I hope you enjoy the brief excerpt of that session below.

J: What do you see?

C: Water and ocean. I’m on a ship, I can see land but it keeps moving, it looks like it’s in front of me but then it’s not.

J: If you were to look down at yourself what would you notice?

C: There is wooden deck beneath me and I’m wearing sandals and a uniform of some sort, “Roman” is the word that comes to mind. I’m male and I feel older like 40’s or 50’s and the uniform I’m wearing is like armour and I have a sword a helmet.

J: What sort of size is the ship you are on?

C: It’s not “huge”, it’s a sailing ship, oh I see some other soldiers around and slaves. J: Tell me about the slaves. C: The slaves are rowing, hmm it’s a bigger ship than what I first thought, I’m at the front and if I look back I can see all the rowing ports and IT STINKS - that’s why I’m up the front so I don’t have to smell it.

J: What is your role onboard?

C: I’m the slave master, my job is to make them row and I carry a whip. They’re disgusting, they’re no better than animals!

J: Where is the smell coming from?

C: “Them” and from the bottom of the ship, they shit and piss where they sit, they never wash – they’re animals!

J: How do you feel about your job?

C: I like it, I think I get some pleasure out of it.

J: Where do the slaves come from?

C: It doesn’t matter! Anywhere! Africa, Middle East mainly, I don’t see many white faces there. We beat them so they have to be here, they’re our slaves and they will stay here until they die and "I" hold the whip!

(we fast forward in that life to another day when something is happening)

C: The slaves revolt! Somehow one of them got free and freed some of the others and they overwhelmed us. There are far more of them than us but most of us soldiers were just not ready.

J: How did the slaves overwhelm you?

C: Chains, hands, pieces of wood, the revolt happened at night whilst at sea and they “loved” killing me. (client suddenly finds himself in spirit looking down on the scene as an observer).

J: How did they kill you?

C: They tore me apart like the animals they are, lots of them.

J: What feelings came to you as they were ending your life?

C: Choking, disbelief, fear and rage, they killed everyone but I was one of the lucky ones. They killed me first, my death was pretty quick, they were like animals and there was no restraint and a few of the others were tortured and raped.

J: What feelings start coming to you as you look down at the ship?

C: Anger but it’s starting to fade as I’m floating away now.

J: What did you feel you learnt from that life you are leaving behind?

C: You will always find a way, you can’t control people - you can’t control others actions or reactions, you can only control “your” actions.

J: Do you have any regrets about that life?

C: I wouldn’t say regrets because from where I am now on the other side it’s a much broader perspective about “learning” and there is no emotional attachment to it whatsoever. The emotions of it aren’t there anymore, it’s just the wider lesson of feeling superior to others or controlling others and understanding that your actions are your own, that you don’t have to do what you’re told to fit in or to be brutalised to think a certain way.

**(Afterwards we ask the Higher Self for its perspective on why it brought forward that lifetime for him to see)

HS: Let go of the illusion of control and don’t judge because knowledge can come from anyone, anywhere at any time so don’t turn your head from those that could help.

*A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this information with the collective*


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