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The Procrastination Loop

When clients attend their Quantum Healing Hypnosis session there are all sorts of reasons and areas they want to explore about themselves. It could be spiritually focused questions where they are curious as to who they were beyond this lifetime or what they do when they aren’t here on Earth in the human body. It could also be for our everyday human problems such as wanting to do some soul searching on how they can heal themselves from a health issue, discover their life purpose, what area of work would be most fulfilling for them or wanting to know why they have certain thought patterns or behaviours in this life that are holding them back.

A recent client of mine had her plate full with work and study and found herself stuck in the procrastination loop. I’m sure this has happened to us all at some stage where when we have a bit of spare time to do that “thing” we are supposed to be doing but we just end up putting it off to another day and then another day. Maybe it feels like such a big job that we don’t even know where to start and the feeling is just too overwhelming so it gets put in the “do it later” basket.

The Higher Self of a client once said to me… “don’t sit and wait till motivation comes to you as the energy of motivation is created and generated once you start walking the path and the momentum builds in on itself”. Have you ever not wanted to go to the gym and then when you finally got there you actually enjoyed it? Or you made that awkward phone call to sort out xyz problem, did the weeding in the garden or sat down for a couple of hours to sort out the household budget or write a chapter of the book you’ve been working on or dig in to finally get a module of study done? When you absorb yourself in it and focus on the task at hand and keep your mind in present moment without thinking about all the other things you could be doing you come away feeling invigorated that you have achieved something for the day and feel a renewed energy within starting to build on itself wanting more of that same feeling.

My client wanted to know more about her procrastination and as follows is the pearls of wisdom her Higher Self had to share about it.

J: She’s been wanting to shift this procrastination and overthinking about things so much. How can she improve on that?

HS: She can talk to herself in the mirror and give herself a pep talk like she did this morning, it helped. She forgets she is the sister and the mother. The sister she never had and the mother. She can mother herself. To procrastinate less she needs to be kind to herself and realistic. To be able to find that motivation to study on the weekend and not think of it as “I’m unable to do fun things because of study”. She’s got to blend both so she can study a bit and then walk or walk and then study as long as both are done on one day of the weekend then that is good. Use procrastination to improve and just not fearing as there is a lot of fear in failing. She fears to look unintelligent and she fears in looking silly. She can just tell her partner when she is feeling like that and he can help her hold up the mirror and say you are not and maybe to take a break and then go back and have a peek at the coursework and sees what happens from there. Do things and break things down into small tasks and achievable smart goals. If she looks at her coursework more often she will feel less intimidated by it and therefore less likely to put it off.

J: So breaking things into small tasks, doing one thing at a time so it doesn’t seem so big and overwhelming?

HS: Yes. Looking at things from a different perspective. Not looking at things as the whole Mt Everest to climb but breaking it up into base camps, then the next one and the next one and even within between the base camps you can break it up into quarters, things like that. Also continuing on with her lists because they keep her accountable, writing it down as she finds it helps achieve what she wants to achieve for that day. Doing that and breaking the addiction with her phone and wanting to feel like she has to be looking at it or feeling like she has to be looking something up or just anything to do with the phone and instead to look within.

J: Why is it that so many people fall into procrastination, what really holds us back when we put things off?

HS: We can also hold ourselves back because we are scared of how great we could be, how brightly we could shine, how much we could learn and there is something within the culture of today where if you know too much you are a tall poppy and you’re doing too much as in “no you need to stay grounded like the rest of us!”. Maybe that’s why she is afraid but then again that is a self-imposed and self-created belief. She is thinking that the society thinks this and although society may have planted that seed SHE still waters the seed. Really it is US that holds us back and for what reason - to remain small? Why would you want to remain small? There is no need to play it small in this life or any other life and especially after what you’ve have been through - you deserve to dream as big as you can.

J: If the job, situation or thing we have to do that we are procrastinating over seems too big sometimes we humans often overthink all the outcomes of things before we have got out of the starting gate and onto the path.

HS: There is a lot of thinking and not enough doing. It’s important to channel The Chariot, the 7th tarot card of the Major Arcana and just say damn the contradictions, let’s GO, just forge that path down the road, taking what you need from either side and just keeping on going, keeping the wheels spinning, keeping the wheels of the chariot rolling because we don’t want to stagnate. We would prefer to move forward in this life and that’s why we are here to play this game. Just remember that.

*A special thanks to my client who allowed me to share this information with the collective*


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