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Underground World Of Distorted Time

This is a fascinating hypnosis session my client and I had together where he finds himself living as a Shaman around The Age Of Atlantis. You might want to settle with a hot drink as this is a long and interesting journey. I hope you enjoy it and thank you to my client for allowing me to share.

What is happening?

I’m outside and there is a large obelisk looking thing on its side – it is a door into the earth and it’s massive. There are two other people with me. It’s a massive temple door but facing downward. I’m not sure if I’m meant to use it.

Tell me a little bit about your surroundings, what else do you notice?

It’s night-time and I can see torches burning, it’s late and the moon is quite bright, it’s not full but it’s definitely lighting up so you can see. It’s a cool summer night and warm enough that we don’t need to wear much to be comfortable, it feels quite deserty as well. I’m struggling to make out much more in the dark. When I look down there is grass but it’s sparse and sandy. People don’t live here, we come here for a specific reason so it’s an important place and it feels very ceremonial. We are not here for a ceremony but we are preparing, it almost feels like we are here to respond to something that has happened. We’re responding to a situation.

You will soon get a sense or feeling of why you are there. In the meantime can you tell me about your body?

I’m wearing quite a tribal looking carb and I feel like I’m wearing a skirt made of suede or leather and I’m quite decorated with gold and feathers, crystals and trinkets. I don’t necessarily feel like an elder but the other two people I’m with are all part of a priesthood. We are Shaman. The headdress I’m wearing is quite complex and full of beads. The others are also very similarly dressed and I can see them standing on the other side of the door. They are talking.

So the other two people are male?

Yes and I’m a male as well. We are each Shaman from three villages within the same area like a greater community. There is a male shaman and a female shaman in each of our tribes like a matriarch and a patriarch. The male shaman deal with the affairs, states, threats and organizing and the female shaman are the dreamers and the main voice in the direction of educating the younger ones and molding the values and culture. We work together with the male and female shaman in uniting both of those sides but it’s just the males that are here together today. The obelisk must be somewhere centralised and we are here surrounding it.

Does your body feel young or old?

Middle aged. We are not the elders, we are the joint Chieftains in these male and female roles and archetypes. We are all quite similar in our roles and our function but I can feel we’re all different in our perspectives. We were the first to arrive but there are others now arriving too and there are five of us in total. When I first showed up I could see the other two men not fighting but there is definitely some tension and a sense of urgency to our meeting.

Now that everyone is gathered there what sort of emotions are coming to you, how do you feel within yourself?

I’m not afraid but I do feel a sense of urgency myself and a pressing concern I suppose. The five of us are standing in different directions around this door which is now not as big as what it was before. Before I thought it was five or six metres long but now it’s more like 2 or 3 metres long. The five directions we stand in is roughly in the shape of a circle or pentagon.

Is there anything else about its appearance that you notice?

It’s definitely crystalline because it’s smooth and polished. When we first stood around the door I felt like it was more about having a discussion but I don’t feel like we don’t need to speak conventionally. We are sharing information but it’s more through meditation and magic work. As we pray and meditate we are bringing each other up to speed on the information that’s relevant. As far as to why we are here, there is definitely a strong sense of change or threat to the old ways and I feel like it’s not a complete surprise but we need to act quicker than what we were anticipating. Quite literally there is a comet coming and although it’s not going to hit the earth it’s going to introduce new energies to the earth.

How will that effect the earth with these new energies?

It will take time to coexist with them and they bring about change which we don’t feel is wrong but just that preparations will need to be made and we need to be ready otherwise the conflict could be unnecessarily devastating. This door has an ancient purpose. It’s a sacred site to us and is energetically potent and it’s to be used as an entrance quite literally either in or down and potentially more as a wormhole and energetic doorway.

You said a comet is coming?

It has caused our tribes to be separated. Some have died and others have chosen differently. One tribe has been destroyed and another one has significantly reduced in size. Some of the survivors have found their way to us and the other two tribes have gone their own way. It was definitely something to do with the doorway in relation to our choice in our tribe. We initially used the doorway as a refuge and returned back through it and this is where we have found the survivors.

When you took refuge what occurred to the people or tribes that were destroyed - how did that happen?

There is a lot I don’t know because I can remember being frustrated that people would not hear my warning. I’m not sure what has happened to the other two tribes - one is closer and the other is further away and at this point we haven’t found them yet. The survivors we have found have lost the rest of their tribe and they are displaying conflict with differing opinions and scarcity. The original calamity or natural disaster has caused all the following events to take place. There was a piece of the comet that showered off smaller pieces which at first affected the weather and resources but it mainly brought new forms of energy and consciousness with them. Not many died from the actual calamity itself but the lifestyles were altered of those societies which is what caused the most destruction. We avoided it and have come back through the doorway. In the time we were gone it was different for us than those who stayed behind.

Can you tell me more about that?

The conflicts and falling apart of the tribes didn’t happen over-night. They lost pieces and chunks more and more over time and because of that I am suspicious of the survivors and their motives or the effect those experiences have had on them. One of the survivors that lived is one of the priests. He is still my old friend but there is a scar on his heart that I don’t want to be aware of but I am. I am concerned it won’t fit with what I feel we and our tribe need to do.

What is this scar on his heart?

He is still him but he is corrupted in a small way - almost like it’s completely dormant until it expresses itself. He’s completely the person I remember him to be until I see it and there is a gap for it to escape. I know it will cause the same breakdown in our tribe.

So this scar wasn’t there before the calamity and earth changes happened?

It wasn’t there but at the same time maybe the ability for it to be there was. I didn’t see it when I was younger and before the calamity. I didn’t want to see it but now it's clearer and much harder to deny.

Do you feel like you were gone for very long behind the doorway when the comet passed?

For us in my tribe it was around 1 year but for everyone else on the surface it has been more like 50 years. Those who I was the same age as are now old. My friend is now an old man. These earth changes have effected him.

Why didn’t he go with you and the others - why did he stay behind?

For the same reason I said earlier in that he always had the potential inside him - he just didn’t agree, he didn’t feel the same thing as us and he felt drawn to following his own path. Of the two tribes that are still unaccounted for we do eventually learn what happened to them and make contact with them whilst we are still alive in this form. One of the tribes are still close on the same continent and the other tribe have gone very very far from home and are forgetting their origin and are becoming a new people.

Did many of your people end up using the doorway then?

We have lost a couple before going down but most of the people in our tribe felt the same way and we chose to go together. It felt like the plan was to avoid the calamity by going beneath the surface and then to later return and continue basically as normal but things have happened to the other tribes and to the planet since the calamity. At first I thought I would need to expel my old friend for the damaging effect he would have on our future but I need to make that choice because we realized it was not him that needed to leave but us - so we returned below the door. We chose to leave as it wasn’t our world anymore. There is definitely a journey on the other side of the door that needs to be taken. I remember when we first went and it was a very physical and visual experience. There was a way we opened the door with sound. We opened the door in the night and all came together to meditate and discuss things. We didn’t open the door to necessarily travel through it but we did it for the same reason we were there which was for answers and guidance and so we opened the door like an energetic gateway to allow someone or something or some group to guide us. When we opened the door it was the first time it had been opened in our generation maybe longer and we discovered a tunnel that led down to a cavern.

Was this was like an energetic gateway that you opened?

It was both - it was energetic and physical. When we first travelled into it, it was energetic as in the energy that we let through but it was purely physical in how we entered. There was a time in the door opening that I felt an intuition and guidance calling me - calling us in that direction. Some of the others disagreed because they felt the reality I was feeling meant the sacrifice and giving up of too many things that they possessed and didn’t want to lose. In other words taking that journey was a clear choice that couldn’t be half done or taken back and that’s why I wanted to go and why the others didn’t because they were still quite unsure and they knew the potential impact of it. At the time we expected it quite possible that anyone who entered would never return to the surface.

It was like a big leap of faith then?

Yes and for our first journey down there I can remember finding a cavern, a very very large cavern and there being strange subterranean plants and even small wildlife that lived in the darkness and the bio-luminescence of the crystals and plants growing there. I remember the surprising clarity of the air and the balance within this eco-system despite the fact it was so far away from the sun and daylight. The water is healing, it has crystals and plants in it that make it a very special kind of water when you drink it. It’s almost like syrup, it’s not sweet and it tastes like pure fresh spring water but it has got a thicker viscosity and a silvery energy or aspect to it.

Were there any people at this point that changed their mind about staying?

Not about staying because those that had decided to take the jump found this discovery to be very welcomed and enjoyable as well as very interesting and fulfilling. We lived in relative peace and ease for the year in this place.

Did you have much space to move around in this cavernous area?

Yes it’s very big and it’s actually a like a big playground and a very unorthodox looking paradise. There is soft fungus that you can lay on like beds and couches growing around the place and it’s very comfortable. There are sweet fruits and things that grow in this cavern. We all feel well. It was only after we emerged to the surface years later that we were informed and made aware that there were people who regretted not coming with us most of which who though had since died.

How did you know when it was time to return to the surface?

The same intuition and instinct that led us down in the first place. It was an overwhelming feeling of something coming or passing over and then losing its intensity and impact as it either passes or stabilizes. The comet itself passed so that energy reduced quite quickly but the one year we were down below the surface was around 50 years of integration for those above - so in a sense it was accurate and in another sense it wasn’t.

You said after returning to the surface you decided it wasn’t a world you wanted to be part of anymore?

When the thought to leave arose it was clear and the same thought and feeling to return was also clear but the reality was that although we were meant to return to the surface, once again it just felt whatever we had attachment to before was gone and this place was different. Some familiar faces and scenes but mostly the world had moved on in its own direction and it didn’t fit with what out tribe wanted.

When you decided to return below the surface again how did your friend with the scar on his heart respond?

He tried to stop us because he was afraid and you could see he held a sense of regret. He was afraid of losing what little he had left and he didn’t want to give us up but he couldn’t come with us and we couldn’t stay. He was afraid because he needed to accept something he didn’t want to accept.

What about him going with you? Would he have ever considered that?

He didn’t want to and as much as it broke my heart, I could see that it wouldn’t have worked if he did. He would have caused or brought with him conflict and it would be like a virus that spread with one wrong doing leading to another. I knew it was a time in which we needed to separate and go on our own paths. He tried to convince us to stay at first quite calmly but increasingly more agitated as it was clear he wasn’t going to change our minds. I feel it was a shame we needed to part in a way that we needed to in that point - it wasn’t pleasant.

In what way?

Well instead of talking as friends we were speaking more like enemies. I wasn’t angry with him and I didn’t hate him but he was angry with me and was feeling hatred towards me for not being what he needed me to be for him and for me not being able to be in the same place at the same time where he was at. He felt frustrated with himself and abandonment from me so he wanted to hurt us and stop us in any way that he could because he felt rejected, abandoned, afraid and angry.

Were you still able to return back through the gateway underground again?

Yes and it was done in a way that we could never come back again and that was mostly to do with him trying to stop us going in the first place. He destroyed the door and broke our path in a way that it couldn’t be fixed and couldn’t be a viable pathway again so we surrendered our bodies and travelled to where we needed to be – as in our consciousness.

How does surrendering your bodies work? Were you not able to go through the door physically this time?

The pathway was gone. It was partly physical and partly energetic so with the door now being broken even if you dug it up you wouldn’t be able to find it. It was like a group ceremony and I can see us in a circle sitting and holding hands in which there are three rings of people, an outer-ring, a middle-ring and a centre-ring. I can see the light and the energy we are producing. I can also see my friend with the scar on his heart, he is trying to thwart us and stop us and keep us there but the light is too strong and he can’t approach. He can’t even get close - he is too late. When we return to where we’re going we will incarnate in different bodies. We aren’t necessarily born in infant bodies but more in that by following that path and trusting in the path we surrender our bodies first and without expectation of other things. Only afterwards do we discover and realise that we have the ability now to consciously move and organize matter to build ourselves a body from scratch without being born. From then on we have the ability to discorporate and recorporate at will but with limitations. I feel if we do it too much though and abuse it then it will be dangerous until we learn enough about it and expand into that.

Your consciousness is able to materialise into matter and form a body in way?

Yes. We return to the cavern first and not knowing how we would arrive or what we would be like or how it would happen. To my friend who remains and the others on the surface it would look like a mass suicide and for all intents and purposes it was - not consciously and not intentionally but it ended up being that when our bodies stayed behind and our consciousness left. From that awakened perspective with our consciousness intention of returning to our cavern we discovered that we were building ourselves new bodies and we simply noticed it was happening. Instead of needing lots of time and effort and struggle to develop this skill it was an ability born out of necessity and attuned from somewhere much more high vibrational. We more needed to discover and then learn to live with and work with our new reality, our new paradigm and our new types of beings.

These new bodies that you’ve materialized – do they look the same bodies as you had before or different?

They are similar to human bodies but there are certain features which almost look like racial differences. We have white hair with a golden shimmer when it catches the light. Our skin is not luminescent like the plants and crystals that glow but it’s very reflective and almost has the sensation of the appearance that it’s glowing when it’s actually just reflecting the light. Our skin is like pearl, very similar to our hair and sort of glowing and silvery.

So this just happened by accident as in discovering how to material your consciousness into a body?

It was like we knew we had to leave with prayer and chanting and in non-literal physical sense. In the act of focusing our intention to our destination it was like the body was necessary and so the body got made. If we had gone somewhere like to a place where there are very few physical bodies there might not have been a need for it but we gave it up easily in our old bodies and we were then able to make it just as easily in our new bodies. We were just following the universal current and we were following what we knew in one sense but in another sense it was faith more than knowledge. We couldn’t have explained or even predicted what was necessarily going to happen but we just knew we had to trust it. The result was learning the ability of consciousness to form matter.

These bodies that your consciousness has formed - are there both male and female?

Yes. I suppose you could say that they’re like Elven and not quite human anymore. Different strengths and weaknesses but perfectly suited to our new world.

What about food? Do these new bodies need as much sustenance as what your old human bodies did?

A similar amount actually but the difference is that these new bodies are much more assimilated or well paired with the fruits and fungus in the water of this new world. Before they were fine in our human bodies but there were limitations to it and now they are like life blood, now they are like holy water and it’s a spiritual experience when you sip or taste or ingest anything. Maybe not quite as much food quantity wise but still I remember a lot of tasting because without the sunlight we needed the light and the energy that came from them.

How do you see clearly in such a cavernous space underground?

Even with our human bodies whose eyes weren’t as good at seeing in the dark, the light was still bright from all the glowing plants and crystals. It’s easy to see with how much light there is. It’s enough not to feel hindered so it’s like you could read comfortably without needing any extra light.

How do you pass all of your time down there?

More spiritually than physically. We move physically but we have little need to achieve much physically. We sit with friends, we bathe in the water and we walk and move in harmony with what our bodies ask for. We don’t need to work or exercise though in a way to meet any other requirements. We have all the food and water we could need within arms reach at all times and we’re protected, warm and safe so we live quite a calm outward experience without too much need for over excitement or stress. We craft if we are craftsmen, we philosophise if we are philosophers, we work on communication or interacting if that’s our interest - we each have our own unique aspirations, goals, dreams and interests and so we are free to explore them. This is why no one else but our group could have returned here because they would have stressed and taken issue with how other people are living and acting and feeling. They would have tried to control and manipulate those thoughts and feelings and the reason our group or society works so harmoniously is because we all feel the same way - we are all manifesting a similar reality.

Is there ever any disagreements or disharmony in this place?

No. It’s like in this realm and at least for this time we simply transcend the physical limitations, we transcend human limitations and disharmony is just not our priority and it’s not our focus. We have become a new type of being.

You said your new body looks a little bit similar to a human - what about your facial features?

There is a lower hairline and it almost gives us the sense of looking a little bit monkeyish. The hair comes up on our cheeks and down from our hairline for the men and the women - the men still have more but it’s like the same hair all the way around, it’s not like beard hair compared to regular hair as it’s all quite soft. We mostly have quite bright yellow, green or blue eyes, sometimes a mix and it’s like a lessening of that genetic Martian influence that most humans have. It’s more similar to the Sasquatch but not the same though - it’s like a new expression of something inbetween.

Do you have any awareness at all of what’s going on up there above the surface?

It’s not so easy to shift that energy and build a new body in fact some people didn’t make it to the other side, well at least not straight away. Because it’s difficult we send people up to the surface, someone will go up for a certain period of time and then return and swap so that we have got some level of understanding of what’s going on up there and some level of ability to interact and assist anyone who should be supported. We never go up in big numbers though as we mostly all live together below the surface. We usually send two at a time. Two people will discorporate and remanifest back on the earth and when we do so we take regular human bodies again which are more appropriate for that environment.

So you can manifest a regular human body if you go back up to the surface?

Yes as our new bodies would not survive well on the surface, they wouldn’t be able to take the sun, the air or the pollution. They’re very pure and delicate instruments that work really well when in harmony but can break very easily under the wrong conditions.

Does your consciousness leave one body and transform into an entirely new body or does your actual body just begin to change or transform itself with the surface conditions?

When you discorporate you leave the body behind and your soul travels to where it desires to go and because it’s a soul, it has no mass to slow it down. It appears where it desires to be and from there creates like a gravity well, almost like a request, an order that gets sent out when the soul arrives and is ready to manifest in physical form. All the particles, all the nutrients and minerals and elements that are necessary for building that body are all in the environment around the soul and then all start being gravitationally sucked into that energy point which builds the body. So when we go to the surface, we discard our body and build a new one up there and then when we’re done with it we do the same thing in return but it takes a lot of concentration and willpower to discorporate without losing control, without losing your ego, without losing your identity and just becoming one with the universe again. To keep that sphere contained requires discipline and focus and even for those who are disciplined and focused it’s still a risk. It’s almost like you drift off and your temptation is to allow yourself to go to sleep in that process but you need to stay awake. When the door was destroyed and the tunnel collapsed it simply ceased to be a way in which to get there anymore, if you dug it would not be there and you could not travel to it physically anymore.

Do you need a specific exit point then in order to get out and up to the surface world?

The cavern feels like a womb in a sense, it’s part of what makes our society work the way it does in that we’re all unquestionably connected in this space. I can discorporate from any part of the cavern if I wanted to but for few reasons.

You also said that you go up to the surface in lots of two, tell me more about that.

It’s like taking the guard post. We have quite a centralized place, it’s both a meeting and a ceremonial place and it’s very basic and natural based on the sorts of things that grow in the cave but there are two stone slabs in the centre of a circle - almost like an Amphitheatre space.

What is the purpose of this space?

It’s for those that are going to the surface to leave their bodies when they discorporate so that we can treat them with respect, care and gratitude and give those materials back to the cavern, back to our ecosphere and our womb.

Once they go to the surface can they ever return to those bodies or once they’ve left the bodies are of no use?

Once they’ve left, those bodies will deteriorate and they will then create the human bodies back on the surface until they are no longer of use. When they come back here they will build an entirely new body from scratch.

What is the purpose of people going up to the surface? Why would they want to leave a beautiful harmonious place and go up there again where the humans are?

To stay aware of what’s happening up there, to gain insight and new things that under the right circumstances would be beneficial for the community in the cavern, also to be of assistance and aid and help to other souls that are ready to do things differently on the surface. It’s RARE but sometimes we’re actually able to bring new souls that are ready with us and to make the journey with them. At first this was almost by accident because the first time we journeyed we had a group working energetically together to transport us there. When we leave we have a ceremony in which the whole society is present and contributing attention and focus and energy upon the process and also a set date and time for them to return. From the surface they definitely need to be in the right spot at the right time but the beauty of it is that if one year is roughly 50 years by comparison then one day would be 50 days and so if it was one day in the cavern where they were expecting the return of their brothers and sisters - on the surface they would have a full 50 days to make sure they were in the right place at the right time. From that place the people in the cavern assist in clearing the pathway and guiding those souls back.

Are the new people from the surface that you allow to come with you guided back in the physical body or does their consciousness actually leave their body?

It’s just their consciousness and this is what shows that they are genuinely ready and capable of joining our society in the first place and the discorporating ability when it’s done in this way hinges on a certain filter, a certain perspective, a certain way in which everyone in the community is part of and chooses to be part of and wants to be part of. In other words anyone can SAY that they are ready but only those who successfully manage to make it there ARE.

(We move along to another day in this lifetime when something else in happening)

What is happening and what are you doing?

I’m moving on. With this ability to break down and reform bodies at will, it allows us to be immortal but I can feel my soul is tired. It’s a very sad and powerful day for everyone in our community when this happens because of the weight of the loss of someone that could have been with us for potentially hundreds or thousands of years but it’s also something we all know and expect to come and we do not fight it.

You said that your soul feels tired - does it get tired of having the same experience for so long or is it tired as in the body is wearing out?

It’s not in a frustrated way or an exhausted way like what you would feel as a human but it’s more inner, like I’ve had all the experience that I was meant to and needed to have in this moment and I’m simply ready for what comes next. It’s a choice, it’s a knowing, it’s a feeling and once again just like arriving in this cavern because you are purely directed by your consciousness it can only be accurate if it’s true and it can only be thought and successfully achieved if it’s true. If it’s untrue and you’re not ready then in the process of trying to leave you would feel concern, fear or a feeling of unresolved issues or something that you needed to do but if you’re genuinely needing to go then very little would stand in your way and you will simply go. I feel like now the temptation to resist is more about trying to go to sleep in your consciousness whereas before it was about trying to NOT fall asleep in your consciousness. Before you were trying to hold onto your identity and your experiences. When you’re ready to move on you’re trying to let go and you are trying to be reborn. We wouldn’t consider our reforming to being rebirthed, it’s much more like a form of travel but when you forget after death then that is when you are reborn. Hmm…I can feel my soul leaving my body and discorporating with a lot of clarity. I’ve chosen to stay above the table.

Now that your energy has left the body if you were to look down at the table what would your body look like from this new perspective as an observer now?

The body is almost living still, it’s pleasant, the complexion hasn’t really changed and there isn’t the sensation or appearance that anything is wrong - it could easily be sleeping but I know I need to stay and keep my sphere above the body because as I said most of us have got very good at controlling our consciousness outside of our bodies so now losing control is the hard part and so my brothers and sisters are helping me. They are focusing their energy and sending it to where I am in my energy field and my soul. They are encouraging me, helping, guiding and assisting me to let go and forget.

It’s not easy to let go and forget if you try to do it all by yourself then?

It used to be! When we first came that was the struggle but we’ve gotten so good at it now that actually committing to letting go has become the hard part and actually doing it.

What about the people you are leaving behind, how do you feel emotionally about leaving them?

I feel we are all at peace with it. We don’t really live with regret or loss. We feel grief but that can even be enjoyable if it’s just a feeling of the intensity of love and the acceptance of change and new cycles. It’s grief instead of loss which is the accepted feeling rather than the feeling of something wrong having happened or something bad having happened.

Before you leave this space tell me was there ever any need for procreation or children when you lived in the cavern?

No. The closest thing that we would have was when we would find people on the surface who were ready and interested to join us. Teaching, guiding and bringing them to where we were felt like BIRTHING and it felt like adding to the numbers of our society in that sort of way. We didn’t have the need for conventional reproduction or even sex because our spiritual and telepathic abilities meant that we felt closer to each other as a whole than most humans feel to their partners and their families. There was a closeness that stopped us from ever feeling without. We didn’t go without so we didn’t live in a way where we were trying to quench thirsts or feed hungers.

So there was not really a need for partnering or pairing up like what humans do with each other?

No there isn’t a need for partnering up in the same way but I do remember having some people down there maybe two or three who felt even closer than the others. Once again partnering up versus having some closer relationships than others wasn’t a hierarchy thing or a valuing thing – it was just to do with interests and to do with reflection. Almost like being cut from the same cloth or being a perfect opposite for somebody without needing to have an agenda behind the relationship, as it just was whatever it was in that moment.

How would you all communicate with each other?

At first we still used language to communicate largely and we never lost our ability to speak but we did learn the magic of sound and voice. We’d already been practicing with other things and we learnt the nature of it and understood that to say LESS is to have more weight in what you DO say and this is true for humans as much as it was for us. In a sense the more we developed our telepathic abilities the more we advanced them and spread them throughout and taught them to all of the inhabitants of the cavern. It stopped being what it was for me beforehand which was a tool that the priests and priestesses would use to communicate with themselves and the spirits and now it was being favored over communicating with speech because for one thing we could but also it meant that when we did cage and use our voice - the magic we could do with it was far more powerful.

With this cavern that felt like a womb you were part of - was it located very far below the surface of the ground?

When we first travelled it took us at least 24 hours to descend so it was definitely quite deep but when the door was destroyed and the tunnel collapsed it ceased to be in the same dimension and it ceased to physically exist there anymore. I would call it relative but afterwards the only way you could enter was energetically and it felt a lot closer to the surface then than when it was actually physically there.

In all that time you spent there, did you have much freedom of movement around or outside of the cavern like in different areas underneath the surface or did you just stay in that one area?

The cavern definitely felt bigger with time and I feel that was based on more of it being discovered as we went along. A small hole in a big wall could led to another cavern of equal size or greater. We were very protected and there were other caverns and other beings from other times there as well but not in our cavern as we were quite intentionally isolated. Once again we weren’t resilient in the way humans are, we weren’t able to deal with a lot of different stresses and we weren’t meant to. We did make contact with some of these other beings but it was primarily telepathic and any face to face interactions would be made by us leaving the cavern to reincorporate elsewhere.

As your spirit is leaving the body for the last time - what do you feel you really learnt overall from that entire lifetime?

To follow your heart always even if it’s not a perfect path. By trusting in it and following it, it will always guide you to where you want to go, it will always show you there is nothing to fear and it will show you there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

When you look back at the community of beings you were part of in living in peace and harmony, what do you feel like the purpose of the civilization was as a whole?

Transcendence. It wasn’t the entirety of the universe but it was a definite pathway. It was like a way to see that we are never really trapped or at the mercy of other people and other things that we think are outside of our control. It was also just for the purpose of living in a pleasant place with pleasant beings and having a pleasant time.

There didn’t seem to be anything in the way of conflict either like there is on the surface world with the humans.

Yes and it was why the other priest couldn’t come and also why I had to leave. I might have been unique in that ceremony in that decision to do so as in to leave and not come back because I feel like in my own way if there was anyone in the community that had even a tiny amount of scar on their heart too - it would be me and because I was able to see that, I never let it get the better of me and at one stage I just felt done, finished and so I left but they stayed. They didn’t get to that point or it’s not so common but I am sure they will at one point though.

*(He drifts away from that lifetime and we invite his Higher Self in to ask it further questions from an even wiser perspective)*

Why did you want him to remember the lifetime of the Shaman living his life on the surface who then made his way through the gateway to the underground world after the comet brought new energies and changes for earths inhabitants?

It’s relevant for the times even if only as a metaphor or for inspiration. It’s a vision of something positive that can be focused on rather than something negative that should be avoided. It can be used as a reflection and to have role models or to have a more ideal situation to work towards instead of feeling like he knows he wants something different but he doesn’t know what it is and so it never happens. It’s not about moving to the cavern necessarily but it’s about being positive and having beautiful ideas. He often feels apathetic because he doesn’t know what he wants or what that looks like or who he can aspire to be like.

It was almost like that lifetime you showed him was a splitting of two worlds with the people who chose to remain on the surface and the other ones who were ready to let go of their attachments and travel through the door to the underground world. Sometimes it feels like there is a divide on earth now with people who are willing to evolve towards something new and other people who are still hanging on to the same old ways.

It’s about acceptance based off faith. It melts fear and it exposes it for the fraud that it is or for the tool that it is which is the illusion. The best way to be afraid is to be afraid of fear and the best way to lose fear is to know or trust in your heart. Fear is nothing more than illusion and to use stories that put belief and support an image to work off is what takes someone who is struggling to break their fears to someone who finds it easy to break their fears. Knowing gives faith - not ALL knowing, just knowing enough, knowing enough of the fundamentals, the principals of existence and the nature of God and of life.

Well now that he’s living the present life - what should he be focusing on the most when it comes to his mission or purpose of being here on earth at this time?

Transcendence - not transcendence in a way where he needs to leave, it’s transcendence in a way where he is immune and impervious to forces he does not desire to influence him. In other words he can have and anyone can have what they really want without needing anybody else to get it if they are ready to accept where it is it’s going to come from rather than where they WISH or would LIKE it to come from.

Has he had many human lifetimes on this earth?

In this first Homosapien but not his first life on earth was what you might call a human or a humanoid. When he was a human on the surface it was this earth but it was in remote prehistory before Homosapiens existed. After his life with what they became inside the cavern he hasn’t incarnated much in a physical body since although he does have access to other people’s past lives.

Therefore the lifetime of the Shaman was that quite an early time in earth’s history?

It was at the beginning or before the beginning of the Age Of Atlantis (pause) or was it at the end.

He hasn’t had many human experiences here on earth then?

No not since that time but even then it was the beginning AND the end - when the first cataclysm came that was the cataclysm that rebirthed Atlantis and he was alive until the end of that age so in a way it was both and that was arguably a single lifetime for many years. The life he is living today is about discovering another path for himself that he can also share with others who are interested. He was meant to not fit in – if he did, then he would be the same. *(A special thank you to my client for allowing me to share this with the collective)*


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