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Where To From Here?

We can’t always see around the corner or plan and organise ourselves enough to feel in complete control with all the unknowns in life. Trying to keep a tight grip on all the potential outcomes of a situation often builds anxiety and worry. Sometimes we just need to take a breath, let go and not overthink or analyse things so much so that we completely paralyse ourselves with fear and doubt which then prevents us from growing, learning and expanding our potential future self. It takes courage and belief to step out on the path of change and uncertainty and trust the path will unfold organically before us as we begin to walk it. Much like staring at a chess board and all of its pieces not knowing what direction to head in or where to begin. One day soon those chess pieces will be in a particular position or pattern where your inner wisdom speaks to you intuitively and as if by magic you will be looking at the situation through new eyes and a wider lens where the move forward will gradually or sometimes even suddenly come into focus. Therefore maybe you aren’t quite as stuck as it feels right now. Give yourself some credit, an acknowledgment of your efforts and resilience in making it this far because you might just be in the gathering stages without realising it. Adding tools in your tool box, picking up the scattered chess pieces off the floor and positioning them on the board in anticipation of the next move beginning to take shape and that glimmer of fresh energy and opportunity about to manifest right around the corner of…..uncertainty.


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