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How to prepare

Arrive to your QHHT session well rested and allowing for a potential time frame of up to 6 hours.  (Try to refrain from drinking alcohol the evening before).   Do have a nourishing filling breakfast if you can and wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.

For QHHT to be the most healing and beneficial experience when we meet on the day of your appointment we will first sit down together and have a really good chat all about your life so you can get anything and everything you want to off your chest and this will help me understand better what makes you YOU.  It is a nice relaxed, confidential and non judgemental space and you will be so relaxed and calm afterward and feel nice and "light" before we start the hypnosis part.
In the days leading up to your appointment it is important that you have a
good think and ponder about what you would like us to focus on during your session as this helps us set an "intention" before we start.  You can do this by writing down a list of 5 to 10 questions about your life and bring them in with you on the day.
The questions could be anything about your life.  Try to keep your questions on your list short and simple (as we will talk about the back story on them when we meet)  eg: What is my life purpose?  Why do I have constant back problems and how can I heal it?   Many clients choose to ask about their relationships with their spouse, family and friends, what their life purpose is, they ask about their job or questions wanting to know the cause of minor and major health issues, they want clarity and healing on emotional problems or trauma they may have experienced in their life, anxiety, phobias or why did a particular event occur in their life as well as spiritual questions as they have a curiosity of why they incarnated to earth or where they are really from.

Please come with an open heart and mind - be willing to let go of any and all expectations of what will or will not occur.    This will enable you let go and freely receive and allow whatever information flows through to you whilst you are in the deep trance state.  You are in safe hands!  The Subconscious knows everything about you and loves you deeply.    We all have problems in our life because otherwise we wouldn't learn anything or grow whilst we are here.   We have all incarnated to this school called Earth and are here to learn our lessons so we can evolve.   Our lessons, no matter how difficult they seem at the time allow us to grow spiritually before we once again return ''home'' beyond the veil.    The Subconscious can guide and assist you in receiving the wisdom and healing that you ''need'' and that is appropriate for you at this present point in time.
It's not essential but you can better help yourself prepare for your QHHT session with some quiet relaxed visualisation time, even if only for 5 minutes each day in the lead up to your appointment.     This could be as simple as closing your eyes when you are alone and breathing slow deep breaths whilst visualising  (or if you have difficulty visualising then try imagining, remembering or smilply "knowing".  Knowing what something looks like is just a different way of seeing without the human senses).
You can visualise yourself standing and looking at the outside of your house.  
What can you see?   What colour is your house?   What is it made out of?    
Can you hear any birds, smell any flowers in the garden, or hear the neighbours mowing the lawn?    See yourself walk up to the front door and open it.   Walk through to the lounge.  What does your sofa look like?  Are there any pictures on the wall?    What are they?   Can you see your coffee table or anything on it?  
When you book your QHHT session I will send to you a detailed easy to do 5 minute visualisation exercises such as the above for practice.     This technique helps us to connect more fully to the right side of our brain which is the area of the brain that has the pictures and the memories, and this is the area we will be working with at the deep trance ''theta'' level of hypnotherapy.

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