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Jo Woodland

QHHT Practitioner - Level 2

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


Contact:    0448 745 896



Located:   Mooroolbark 3138, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



About Me

I am 43 years old and a Level 2 Practitioner of the Dolores Cannon technique of Quantum Healing Hypnosis .   I am in my 9th year of being a Dolores Cannon Practitioner and I have facilitated over 1000 QHHT client sessions to date.  I still very much enjoy and am passionate about facilitating sessions with my clients and assisting them in the exploration of their consciousness and healing just as I did on the very first day I began this hypnosis journey.


Over 15 years ago I was living in my home country of New Zealand and I'd come to a cross roads in my life, on the surface I appeared to have it all, a loving husband, a beautiful 1 year old daughter, a nice home and for many years a successful, although extremely busy and stressful career.   At that time in my life I thought earning good salary and being successful was the ''be all and end all'', I did not have one spiritual bone in my body (or so I thought) nor did the thought ever cross my mind that life was anything other than a repetitive groundhog day of work, eat, sleep and repeat.  I lived for the weekends and looked forward to spending time with my family and friends, but more often than not, I was so mentally and physically drained by the end of the working week all I wanted to do was sleep.   I very much looked forward to sleep because then I was able to finally get some much needed stillness, peace and quiet and disconnect myself from my busy thoughts, sleep was a temporary escape from the chaotic world.  


At work I was managing a team of people, it was a corporate fast paced environment with strict deadlines and long hours, I continued this way for many years and I was fast approaching maximum burn out point.   I would often think ''I just can't keep living like this, I wish I could take time out to smell the roses in life'' and ''there has got to be more to life than this!''.   I could feel burn out approaching like a car that is not maintained starts making funny noises under the hood, so too was I but I was afraid of change so I did what any other human would do - swept those feelings under the carpet and carried on as I was because I needed to earn a living.  I thought I had worked so hard to get where I was and if I quit my job now what would I do then?   How would we cope with less money?    Would people think I was a failure?   Who would I be if I quit my job, would I still be someone?


My husband could see how unhappy I was, he could see emotionally I was sinking and he tried his best over the years to prop me up and hold my head above water but he couldn't do the swimming for me, that was something I would have to learn to do for myself.    One day after a very spur of the moment conversation between us both, he said to me ''hey, why don't we move to England to live?''.    My husband was born in England so it was his home country, however I had done very little travelling in my life I was aghast at the idea.   I said ''You can't be serious, leave our jobs!  Leave all our family and friends, we wont know anyone, we will have to sell our house, we will have no grandparents around to babysit or no one to visit for birthdays and christmas!''.  I thought of all the reasons why we shouldn't go and why it wouldn't work but before I could put my conscious mind into overdrive, I suddenly exclaimed ''Why not, lets do it.  Lets move to England!''.    Well now I had done it, I'd had opened a can of worms and there was no going back now,  my husband was overjoyed and fast forward to 2 months later we had both quit our jobs, rented our house out, and told our devastated parents that we needed a change and were moving to England to live and taking their little 1 year old granddaughter with us.


Before we knew it we were on a plane flying to the other side of the world.     Luckily my husband secured a good job almost immediately. I wanted to get a job too (I felt as if I didn't have an identity when I wasn't working), however my husband said to me that he wanted me to take as much time off work as I needed, and have fun being a stay at home mum for as long as I wanted.     I would say it took me an entire year to fully unwind and settle into a mother and wife mode.    What sounded like a dream come true for most mothers, was actually very difficult for me, as I constantly wondered ''Who am I now?''.   Yes I am a wife, yes I am a mother, but ''Who am I?''   All of a sudden I had plenty of time to be alone with my thoughts, and sometimes my thoughts were nice to me and sometimes they were not.


One day after we had settled into our new life in England, I was wandering around a book shop.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I was just filling in time.  I had a lot of spare time now to ''smell the roses''.    When after a little while I felt drawn like a magnet to a particular book sitting on a shelf amongst hundreds of other books.  I pulled it out, and to my surprise it was a book about our soul journey and how we have many lives.  I had never read anything like this before in my entire life.  I'd been brought up Catholic as a child, but as an adult the only time I ever really went to church was for christenings, weddings and funerals!   I'd heard about our souls, but had never really heard much about the subject of reincarnation.  I thought it was a strange concept.   The logical side of me was sceptical but nevertheless this book seemed glued to my hand as I walked further around the shop looking for something I thought would be ''more interesting''.   I would then return this book to the shelf.   However I didn't find any other books that stood out to me and before I knew what was happening I was at the counter and had purchased this ''very strange and unusual'' book.    Of course upon returning home, it sat unread on my bedside table for a couple of months because I always found something better to do!


Finally, one day sitting at home bored I glanced at the book on my bedside table.  A voice in my head said ''Come on, it's time to read me''. From the moment I read the first page, I was mesmerised and I couldn't bring myself to put it down,    Something deep down inside of me resonated with the words in this book.   So deeply I felt as if a door to the universe inside my head had just been opened. And now that I could see inside, I would never be able to close that door again.  I had been asking myself that eternal question for so long now that ''There must be more to life than this'', and here the answer had literally fallen right into my lap.   As if pieces to a long forgotten  puzzle were finally coming together, my intuition and even my sceptical side were telling me that this was real - ''this made absolute sense''.    


Ever since that day I have been on a rollercoaster of spiritual and paranormal awakening.   I read and researched all I could on hypnosis in regards to our soul journey, life after death, past lives, the spirit world, lives in between lives, metaphysics and the universe.     Particularly Dolores Cannon and her 18 books were the most fascinating and awe inspiring I had ever come across.  Every fibre in my body and soul was telling me that ''We are not just a drop in the ocean.   We are the entire ocean in a drop''.  We aren't our bodies, we are amazing eternal spiritual beings having a temporary ''human experience'' whilst we are here on this school called Earth.   When we incarnate here we have a plan of what we want to learn and who we want to learn it with.   However as soon as we get here, the ''veil of amnesia'' comes down and we forget who we really are and why we are here.    Like a game without rules, we have to fumble around in the dark and figure things out as we go.   Dolores asked the Subconscious ''Wouldn't it be easier if we all came in remembering who we really are?''.    The reply was ''It wouldn't be a test if you knew all the answers''.  However ''they'' have said that a time of change is now upon us.  ''A New Earth''.   That it is time for us to awaken from our deep sleep and remember who we truly are.          


A few years later, a little homesick we decided to move back to New Zealand to live.   We easily settled back into our comfort zone for the next 3 years.  I had always wanted to do something where I could care for and help people so I started looking into enrolling as a paramedic or a nurse.   But as fate would have it, my husband was offered a job in Melbourne, Australia which is where we have been happily living for the last 9 years!  However 2 months prior to our move to Australia, I went through a very low point in my life.     I did not want to move again.  I did not want to leave the security of our family and friends, sell our home, spend all our savings moving and setting ourselves up again.  I knew how hard it would be, because we had done it before.   Finding a house to live in, finding a suitable school for our daughter, not knowing anyone, generally feeling like a fish out of water!    Again I was thinking in a cup half full mentality of all the things that could go wrong and finding reasons of why we shouldn't go.   I knew deep down it was a great job opportunity for my husband and we could make it work.  After all his happiness was important too.    But what I knew and how I felt emotionally when I was alone with my thoughts and insecurities were two totally different things.    But I said ''Yes, lets go'' and before I knew it, I had just 2 months to sell our home and tip our lives upside down all over again!


Usually a very bubbly and happy person, a shadow followed me around during those 2 months and I felt as if I were being absorbed into its darkness.  When my husband was at work, I would feel so overwhelmed with everything I had to arrange with moving countries that I started to have panic attacks where I found myself hyperventilating.    My shoulders slumped and I was depressed.  The light was draining out of me day by day.   I was very good at putting on an act around other people,  however when I was by myself the barriers came down and I went to a very dark place.  All I wanted to do was sleep and cry.    One day when my husband was at work, I dropped my daughter off to school and went home to bed to escape.    Feeling spiritually ''broken'', I lay down in bed and cried and cried. I closed my eyes and said to god, to my spirit guides or just to anyone who was listening to my inner most thoughts, that ''I was going to sleep now, and I never want to wake up again.''


Little did I know it, my life was about to change forever!    I drifted off to sleep and what felt like moments later I was fully awake again.  This was a foreign feeling.   My body was asleep, my eyes were closed but ''I" was awake.    Then a vision of a man appeared before me.  He was an older man, the vision was black and white in colour and the man looked straight at me. He had a friendly face and smiled.   The smile then turned into a laugh.     Just then what I can only describe as a sparkling blue lightening ball of energy flew from him and straight through my forehead and into my body.    It hit me with such incredible force that I felt positive I would be thrown off the bed!     My entire body then started vibrating and buzzing with energy  - it felt as though I were plugged directly into an electrical socket.    The vibrations and energy through my body were so strong it was almost painful.    I could feel my heart beat thumping in my chest and my adrenaline was racing.    I was not scared as such but extremely nervous and amazed at what I was experiencing.    

I wondered if my time had come and I was actually dying.    Before I knew it I was floating above my body on the bed.  

There was nothing I could do to stop it nor did I want to.   I floated what felt like a couple of feet above my body and then I floated over the side of the bed.   I remember thinking I was going to drop on the floor but incredibly I stayed floating in mid air.   Then I drifted quickly across the room and zoomed right through the bedroom wall and all of a sudden I was outside in the neighbours front yard and I could see everything around me.      I then went woosh with a thud and found myself back inside my body on the bed.     I opened my eyes immediately and sat bolt upright in bed,   I was in awe and disbelief.   My entire body was still tingling with after effects.   Then a message came to me instantly inside my head.   It was clear as day, the message was ''You are MUCH MORE than the situation you are in now - you are bigger than that, you ARE the universe''.     


Ever since that day, I have spontaneously been experiencing regular astral / out of body travels.   I am no longer nervous about them, I look forward to them.   I never know when they are going to happen but I usually experience one a week sometimes more, sometimes less.  They occur when I have the time to take an afternoon nap.   When I am lying down I can sometimes feel them coming on when I feel my forehead and crown chakras begin to get a tingly or vibrating sensation.  I usually don't float out of my body now, I just become aware that my body is asleep but "I am awake'', I am then able to just roll out of my body.      I have had some incredible experiences in the out of body travels and at times have seen myself travelling at great speed through swirling vortexes with coloured grid lines and coming out the end to some ''other'' place or dimension.   I have felt strong energy surges and seen symbols and equations I don't understand just woosh into my forehead chakra.  In the astral I also hear voices teaching me things and have also had contact with other worldly beings however upon arriving back into my body with a thud, the veil comes back down ever so quickly and if I don't force myself to wake up straight away, it can be very difficult to fully remember all the experiences in their entirety so I have started keeping a notepad by the bed for this reason.   These experiences do not make me ''special''.   Our souls never rest in the human sense and we all travel out of our bodies when we sleep, but most people just don't remember or experience it in a conscious way.


In some astral travels I found myself hearing Dolores Cannon's voice teaching people things.     Dolores and her fascinating hypnotherapy work and books had been of interest to me for so many years and I know her voice when I hear it!    I  had often thought throughout those years that I could be a hypnotherapist, that is what I am meant to do, I have found my calling.   But as quick as those thoughts popped into my mind, I would push them back to where they came.  I did have the passion to help others, however deep down I didn't want to acknowledge that my self worth and confidence had taken a knock over the last few years, so I remained in my comfort zone and kept putting off the idea.    But things were about to change.   ''Again''.   One day I lay down to have an afternoon nap.    As I lay there, I said to whoever ''up there'' who was listening to my thoughts, ''Would I be a good hypnotherapist?   ''Will I really be able to help people?''  ''Am I on the right path?''.      I drifted off to sleep, and shortly after found myself rolling out of my body and like a magnet I was drawn up at incredible speed into space and the stars.     I could not see anything but the beautiful stars, however I sensed an energy there.  I could then hear it's voice.  It said ''Stop worrying, you are doing well, you are on the right track''.    The energy went to leave and I remember saying ''Hey, what about my hypnosis thing I want to do?''.    Right before it left, the answer came quickly  ''Just do it!''.


So there is my story in a nutshell and with a little push and guidance from ''beyond the veil'', how I came to be where I am now a Practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.


It would be my privilege and honour to be the facilitator to guide you through the process of ''lifting the veil of amnesia'' so you can experience the wonderful healing and wisdom that can be accessed by opening the doorway to the exploration of your soul consciousness.


My relaxing comfortable hypnosis space in Mooroolbark...

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