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"Thank you sooo much for the most incredible experience of my life Jo!  It was so healing.  So many feelings that I'll never forget ! I really appreciate all of your time and teachings. I learnt so much today. I don't even have any words. You are just an amazing human being who has blown me away !!!     Thank you again."             (Brittni)

“Hi Jo, after the hypnosis session I left your place yesterday feeling 100 different emotions at the same time and after sleeping early last night, I woke up really good today, I feel great, my Crohn's symptoms are 50% better than they have been in the past week and my head is clearer!  I can’t explain what has happened, it still doesn’t make sense to me but I feel like my subconscious is working on it and I will be able to figure it out soon.  Thank you so much for your time yesterday, all I can say is wow, I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few months."          (David)

"I had an amazing QHHT session!  It was my very first hypnosis experience for some soul searching and healing purpose and she had put me at ease right from the very beginning. Jo is very professional and loves what she is doing. During the healing session, I could feel very strong energy running through my hands and forearms, it was amazing! At the same time I could feel warmth in my chest and tummy. The healing I required started to work right after the session when I got home. I am listening to the hypnosis recording in bed at night now for continuous healing, Jo speaks with a very gentle and soft voice which makes me fall asleep (then I am awake by my own voice).  Thank you so much."                 (Tee)

“Hi Jo, I must say this was a wonderful experience for me and just what I needed, I actually still can’t believe that I was hypnotised and saw and felt the things I spoke of!.  I felt a little heavy headed for the rest of afternoon but also felt no stress, like something lifted from me, I actually had to have a nap I was so relaxed!   I will definitely tell my family and friends about you.  Thanks again Jo.”                   (Teresa)

"Hi Jo, thank you for the QHHT session you conducted with me, it was indeed a big day and it has taken me time to digest the accuracy and powerful information shared in this session.   Thank you for the warm and supportive environment your created and your skill in supporting me in my connection with my higher self.  I most definitely feel much lighter, happier and I am now convinced that we can heal our earthly bodies.  It was an absolute blessing to experience this healing and connection.   I am so excited that my daughter will have the opportunity to experience a QHHT session with you as well because I have absolute confidence that anyone and everyone is in the safest of hands when you facilitate their sessions.   Thank you so very much!"                    (Narelle)

"My session with Jo was beyond words. I had such an incredible experience and have experienced massive shifts since. I've had many realisations and felt a significant clearing also. I feel lighter now and have a new lease of life and it's only been a few days!  Jo has a remarkable approach and her welcoming energy makes it really easy to settle in and get comfortable very quickly.  I felt very safe and supported for the whole day.  By the end of the day it really did feel like I was talking with an old friend and this approach made it very easy to rest in and relax completely.  She helped guide me in a gentle, non judgemental and compassionate way.  I gained so much clarity through the Soul Hypnosis and through my chats with Jo.  I have already recommended Jo to many loved ones. This was life changing in so many ways and I can't recommend her enough. Thank you so much Jo for journeying with me."                 (Lucy)



“Hi Jo, I am pleased to report I have not felt like or even craved a cigarette since I left my appointment with you, I'm already appreciating this.  I am still smoke free 22 days later and so very thankful.  It was very nice to meet you and to be the receiver of your healing gift.”                    (Juanita)

“I recently had a QHHT hypnosis session with Jo. As a massage therapist and reiki practitioner myself, I had already done a lot of work on my spiritual growth through meditations, reiki attunements etc, but I was guided to Dolores Cannon's work by a couple of my clients. So I searched on the Dolores Cannon website and found Jo from Soul Hypnosis. During the session she was very generous with her time and gave me plenty of space to unpack my life story before spending a couple of hours with me under hypnosis, followed by more time afterwards to debrief. We cleared some trauma from this life time, followed by answering the questions I had prepared about past lives. I even channelled my spirit guides which I didn't know I was capable of!  After having the hypnosis session, I feel like it has further unlocked my intuition. The biggest lesson I learnt was I needed to trust myself, trust my intuition and confirmed I am following my soul's purpose. My psychic abilities are coming through stronger and I'm sensing my spirit guides and their messages so much more clearer now! By having this session it has enhanced my psychic abilities and in turn, enhanced the energy healing sessions I'm having with my own clients. It truly was an amazing experience and I highly recommend trying a hypnosis session with Jo.”                   (Nikki)

“Hi Jo, since my session with you I have remembered 21 lives, its full on!   I have been doing automatic writing, drawings, channelling, lucid dreaming and try to keep my mind clear and maintain a peaceful energy.  You are AMAZING as the day I met you my entire life changed and now I know my purpose...I am time keeper.  In the future I will create good things and in the present I create good things.  Positive energy only.  Love you always.”                     (Lena)

"Hi Jo, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I haven't experienced a UTI or any uterus pain since our hypnosis session together and even when I feel like it might be coming on - it doesn't.  I am so amazed by this honestly Jo!  You are incredible and you should be so proud of this work you do, thank you for sharing your gift with me.  When I think about the hypnosis experience more and more things start to make sense to me.  I cannot wait to do this with you again when all the craziness is over."                    (Jacs)

"It was an amazing hypnosis experience and I am glad that I did it.  It was my very first hypnosis and I felt a powerful energy that was guiding and healing my soul.  I felt my whole body lighten and only thing that I was feeling was my breathing.  Words are not really enough to express those feelings, it was really strong!  I still feel incredible when I listen to recordings and the things that I saw and spoke of.  For the rest of the day I felt a bit heavy and sleepy and the next day I took a lot of naps which helped me later feel refreshed and very light.  I can't wait to see what happens over the next few months and I would highly recommend it to everyone to have this experience once in their lifetime.   Also, I would like to express my gratitude to the beautiful soul who recommended me for this golden experience with JO and QHHT.   Thank you so much Jo for doing this wonderful job and helping people to heal within themselves".                  (Sami)

"Hi Jo, I just wanted to send an update with my progression on my nerve pain and sciatica since my QHHT session with you.   It's been 2.5 weeks, the day after the session I felt like I was still in trance, I just enjoyed it.  By the 3rd day remarkable improvement which has just got better and better.  I even started to jog a little bit for the first time in 5 months - that was a big wow factor!  Another week went by with my pain deceasing daily.  Whilst walking without pain, I tried running very cautiously and no pain!   I'm now beginning to feel normal again only with a little bit of pain every now and then as a reminder that I am still healing.  Not lacking in energy either so a very big thank you for channeling your healing energy into me.  I feel assured now I will achieve a full recovery.  Thank you once again and all the best to you.  Hope we meet again".            (Jeanine)

"Hi Jo, it's about two weeks since my QHHT session with you and I'm really only just getting back to normal now. There was an extremely strong bodily disorientation for a long time afterwards.  I felt a much increased lightness of spirit, my body just took a while to catch up.   My session with you was a wonderful experience in many ways. Although the words spoken were very enlightening it was more the emotional and physical sensations that have left a lasting impression on me. I often lie still now and try to meditate and relive the incredible happiness and love I felt as that creator energy flowed through me during my session. I understand now how a soul might never want to leave it.  Also the physical sensations were so real and undeniable. From the upward pressure on my feet to the tingling and numbness I felt at different times. But the most incredible of all was the feeling of a heartbeat in third eye area of my forehead. This was so real and so strong in its intensity that I will always remember it!  Thank you so much for facilitating this incredible experience for me".          (Les)

Hi Jo, I really want to thank you so much for our session last week.  I've spent the week quietly pondering the magnitude of my experience and all I can say is wow!   Please feel free to use the testimonial below on your website:

"If you're a fan of the work of Dolores Cannon, have ever wondered about past lives or found yourself perplexed by an inability to understand or get over a certain thinking or behaviour pattern, I wholeheartedly recommend booking a session with Jo.  In her welcome email and throughout the QHHT session itself, Jo's warmth, expertise and guidance shone through, allowing me an extraordinary experience that might have just changed my life."  Many thanks once again Jo - I'll be sending some friends your way!"                                   (Bec)

"I would like to thank you for an incredible QHHT session. It was a pivotal experience and so much has happened to me since then. I have had a lot of ups and downs and received many signs from the universe that have kept me going. I truly believe the hypnosis session has opened up a portal in me and is helping me become the person I want to be. It was very easy opening up to you because you facilitated a safe and understanding space, thank you for that. I had my full trust in that session for good reason."                      (Fiona)

"My session was amazing!! Jo was very friendly, professional and very easy to get along with, she me feel very comfortable as I was a bit nervous as I've never had a past life regression hypnosis session before.  I thought I was only under hypnosis for what seemed like 40 minutes to an hour but Jo told me I was under for nearly 3 hours! It did not seem like I was under that long and I was really surprised!  My higher self was saying things to Jo that I would never have even known personally myself, I could not have been that smart to have known all those things lol. After my session I researched what my higher self had said and I was blown away as a lot of it made sense to my current life. I learnt a lot from what my higher self had said.  I really enjoyed my session with Jo and highly recommend her if this is a path you are wanting to explore, she knows exactly what she is doing and is very professional at all times and is a very talented young lady.  Thank you so much, my purpose in life makes so much more sense now and I know what I have to do now".            (Cherie)

“Hi Jo, thank you again for a wonderful experience, I really enjoyed it!  I felt relaxed, safe and comfortable talking to you. I am very happy that we managed to cover so many questions in my session. The most important part throughout was to let go of doubts and just be in the flow. The Higher Self knows everything and is so powerful. During the hypnosis I managed to get a different perspective on my life and a broader view on my spiritual path so from the perspective of the Higher Self, many things that I worry about do not matter at all. Even afterwards I feel that my healing is still happening and I’m still feeling the energies from the session. I will need to listen carefully to the recording because there is so much information in it.   The experience was magical.”                   (Alena)

"Dear Jo, It has been just over four months since our QHHT session but it feels like four much has changed in my world! The beautiful, unrushed, deep process you facilitated was wonderful and all I had hoped it would be. As an experienced hypnotherapist myself I have long been interested in the Quantum Healing work of Dolores cannon and I almost trained with her when she was last in Australia. But the next best thing was finding you and plunging into the possibilities that I could not have predicted.  The entire hypnosis portion of our session felt as though I was directly connected to my Higher Wisdom through my I AM Presence. Instead of revisiting past lives, my Higher Self presented me with the invitation to just let go of all past trauma, guilt, shame about ALL past life times…especially the ones during Lemuria, Atlantis and the shared lifetime with Jeshua. I have done years of inner work but the liberation I feel now and the access and connection I have to my own inner guidance and my I AM Presence is simply amazing!  Infinite gratitude for the important services that you are providing…you are an Earth Angel".                (Gloria)

"Jo, thank you very much for the QHHT session the other day. What an experience it was! To have someone so welcoming, so warming and so inviting made me feel comfortable to open up and speak freely. This doesn't really happen often to a sensitive introvert like me, but you have a way of understanding someone without the need of articulating everything. This is indeed a skill and coupled with your ability to maintain positivity and objectivity with everything needs to be applauded and honoured. Whoever is meant to see you Jo, will, and I think that they will be thankful for not only being in your warm presence but also for the healing and guidance that you offer as a true and genuine light worker. I thank you wholeheartedly and I will be seeing you again. Thank you for everything".                   (Foti)

"My session with Jo was an experience that was life changing.  My QHHT session opened a spiritual window that shone a light on the answers via my Higher Self, to the reasons certain behaviors and patterns kept showing up in my life. The past life journey was an incredible little movie that played out before my very eyes and was both enthralling and revealing. This is a safe and educational experience and I can only encourage anyone to do this and discover your own movie. She is an angel, gifted and treats you with kindness and respect like you would expect from your best friend. Thank you Jo you are a very gifted soul".          (Gregory)

"I loved the session Jo and I shared together. It was a profound and meaningful experience where I could access some of my past lives and the experiences I went through there including the joy, sorrow and heartache.  I have been able to identify where some fears were born, I am able to trace them back to these past lives and why I value certain things in this present life.  This experience has truly shone the light on some of the causes of why I am the way that I am today in this physical form.  It has been helpful in processing and understanding myself more.  It has helped me become even more accepting of who I am and my journey, including all its twists, turns, highs and lows.  This QHHT healing session helped me further heal deep wounds and fears. It has shown me the collective strength and resilience of myself,  the human race, to meet and overcome adversity, to relish and celebrate joy stemming from family and community, and it has helped me nestle and settle into the present moment more.  All I need to be thinking about is the next 5 minutes, not the next month, not the next 3 years.  This pearl of wisdom Jo imparted to me, has helped me calm the monkey mind that can pop up here and there.  Thank you Jo for facilitating this peaceful, enjoyable, and fun adventure.  I feel there is so much gold to unearth from looking within, from calling on our Higher Self, because we already are our own guru, teacher, best friend and healer. Thank you Jo with all my heart and soul. Until next time. Blessings."                (Isabella)

"Hi Jo, I am emailing you to let you know that I no longer use the Sleep Apnea machine and have been sleeping through the night except for getting up to use the bathroom, then falling asleep again immediately.  My Guides have come through channelling to congratulate me for overcoming my deep sadness I experienced all my life.  I am more balanced now than I ever have been.  Thank you for helping me through the Quantum Healing.  I can say I have been released from holding on to unwanted energies and now feel free.     God Bless You".        (Laura)

"Hi Jo, thanks again for the amazing experience you took me on last week.  Since settling back into being home and back at work I've felt more confidence and more empowered. I feel the past lives I saw resonated so much with me and were exactly what I needed to see and feel.  The emotions I felt during our session were so real and were like I was genuinely in that life again and going through the happy/hard times I experienced!  Such polar opposite lives and such great lessons I learned.  I will be in touch in the months going forward with how everything pans out as was discussed. If the chance arises again I would love to come back for a follow up session, just amazing!"                        (Tara)

"My session was such an incredible experience! I was absolutely blown away by the whole process but most importantly for me I felt completely safe and warm the entire time with Jo. After my session I felt so light, like I had shifted something major and a week later I am still processing the whole experience. You really must try it for yourself, this woman is amazing, I highly recommend! I will definitely be seeing Jo again in the future."                    (Bec)

"This was my first QHHT experience and I felt was in trance for at least 2 days afterward. It was powerful! Jo was very friendly and took a great deal of time and patience to get to know about my whole situation. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was such a unique and special experience. I surely will visit again."                 (Jayaprabha)

"Hi Jo, I wanted to say thank you for my session.   I felt in a daze when I left your place and my brain was doing its own little dance.   I left your house feeling exhausted but content and settled in a way I had never ever felt before.     Since then the pain in my ankle (which I fractured last year) is non existent.   My back is 100% better.  My plantar fasciitis is but a niggle if it's there at all.    My stomach is barely an issue as well.   Honestly it's like a fresh start.    I was initially worried that I hadn't relaxed enough and I still think I need to work on that, but you facilitated something amazing for me and I am so grateful.   Thank you."    (Katy)

"My hypnosis session with Jo was literally out of this world! I went on a journey to another universe and it was AWESOME!"   (Stephen)



“Thank you for the session Jo, the recording has been great and I have been listening to it in bed.  Your voice and guidance is so tender and directive at the same time. Thank you for holding space for me in such a caring way. I found the whole process so helpful.  Thank you so much”               (Wendy)



"This experience has been the best thus far in my healing and spiritual journey!   Jo made me feel extremely comfortable and was pleasant in every way.   I will definitely be back to see her in the near future.  Highly recommend!"                  (Jodi)       

"Thank you so much for my session Jo and for providing a safe space for me to let go of what I’ve been holding onto and I look forward to the integration process and my life being filled with more love and ease."                 (Judy)

"I loved my hypnosis session! Jo is so welcoming, friendly and takes the time to explain the whole process to ensure you're relaxed and comfortable. I've done hypnosis in the past with other people and knew what to expect but the Quantum Healing method with Jo allowed me to revisit a significant past life on a much deeper level in order to receive the information I needed. I gained so much wisdom, insight and clarity from this session which I'm truly grateful for. I highly recommend Jo and looking forward to future sessions. Thanks so much!"                  (Marge)       

"I had my first QHHT session and it was incredible, Jo has the most calming energy about her which makes you so comfortable to be able to share whatever you need to before the session. Jo is a very professional practitioner yet so friendly and really took time to listen and understand my life journey in order to best assist me in my session. I really loved that she never rushed any part of the session and was simply amazing. She really holds the space for you from a space of love and genuinely wanting to serve and I cannot recommend her enough. If you are someone who's contemplating about having a QHHT session, do it and I would say your Higher Self will know when you are ready."            (Megha)

"I have done 3 sessions now with Jo (over the span of 3 years), my first session led to such amazing breakthroughs, freedom and releases of the past which were holding me back and the session afterward helped me connect back into myself when I drift away.  I completed my 3rd session yesterday and I feel refreshed, renewed and excited for life once again.  Jo is lovely and it's extremely easy to talk to on just about all topics, I could talk to her for hours as she's very open minded!  I will be back again in 2021."                (James)

"I felt comfortable with Jo the moment she opened the door!  She is an attentive and empathetic listener and wonderful at creating a warm setting that makes the hypnosis experience feel like a familiar, comforting dream. Finding the connection to our higher self through hypnosis is a beautiful organic experience and can open the door to so much self-knowledge, I warmly recommend it!  A friend did a session with Jo a few weeks after me and it was life changing in so many ways, I am so grateful to Jo and her work.  If you are curious, follow your heart and contact her, it will be magical I'm sure!"                 (Fanny)


"I am so greatful and impressed with Jo's attention to detail, consideration, support during my QHHT session.  I felt a new amazing feeling within me that I revisit daily.   I am experiencing beautiful positive changes in my life which I know will continue to flow perfectly for me."                      (Billy)


"This session gave me a lot of insight & clarity. I understood how my soul was guiding me through intuitions and the little voices which sometimes I never took seriously are the messages from our deep subconscious. Thank you Jo for this lovely session. I have already started recommending your sessions to my friends who want to understand the deeper aspects to their presence in this world.  Lots of love & light to you and the work you do!"                (Rakshitha)

"I would highly recommend Jo for this incredibly enlightening journey, this has been by far the most beneficial holistic experience I have ever had.  Jo is so welcoming and creates a lovely and warm, safe space to under go hypnosis, she dedicates so much time to her clients and it shows, it was completely life changing!"              (Farren)

"Jo is a lovely and friendly therapist, I had a wonderful experience and feel blessed to have met her.   This was my first ever QHHT session, I felt so safe, comfortable and calm with her guidance and she explained the process thoroughly. During the session, I had several instances of *penny dropping moments* , it was such a memorable experience that has positively enhanced my life and the way I will look at things moving forward!   I've already listened to my recording twice and it has a really calming effect on me and makes me sleep.  I Highly recommend Quantum Healing Hypnosis.  Jo has great energy and professionalism.  Thank you Jo".                   (Nin)

"Hi Jo, thank you for being so very welcoming and setting me at ease throughout the whole process.  I really felt comfortable enough to talk and not hold back.  After the session every day I have felt much happier and more in control of the issues in my life".                  (Karina)


"I had such amazing experience with Jo.  She has such a warm and nurturing nature you're comfortable from the second you meet her.  All my questions about myself were answered and the headaches that I have been suffering with for years already have started to disappear.  It's hard to explain what happens to you under hypnosis, it truly is a beautiful experience that I'm so grateful I did this and that Jo was by my side.  What a truly amazing experience.   Thank you for your professionalism, genuine care and knowledge".                 (Jacqs)

"Hi Jo, thank you so much for my session.  Yesterday was a wonderful day for me and I can't stop thinking about the visuals that came through, they were beautiful!   I have recommended my friend also, I'm sure she will find great benefit from a session with you.    Blessings".             (Elliott)

"I am grateful for the session, Jo facilitated it well.  I received answers to all of my questions and I am seeing ongoing benefits.   I would return for a second session!"              (Jenny)

"I heard so much about Dolores Cannon that I wanted to give a session a go but at the same time I was feeling a bit nervous as it is a very profound experience and I didn’t know what to expect. I contacted Jo through her website, she call me straight away. Jo is very professional and very friendly. She made me feel safe and held during the whole process, before and during the session. We had a phone conversation beforehand and Jo really takes the time to get to know you and make you feel comfortable straight away which is very important in this kind of experiences. I highly recommend Jo if you wish to experience QHHT."                  (Alicia)

"My session with Jo was super amazing.  She is deeply in tune with her Higher Self and facilitates a worth while hypnosis session, highly recommended!".                      (Joan)

"Jo has such a welcoming energy to her that by just being around will make you feel comfortable instantly. She will look after you throughout the whole 5 to 6 hour session!  It was such an amazing experience and I have noticed changes already.  I would highly recommend her to anyone curious about QHHT.  Again, thank you so much!"            (Charlyn)

"This was my first Quantum Hypnosis session with Jo.  It was the most enlightening, awe-inspiring and gratifying experience!  I truly believe it was Jo's expertise that made this experience possible at the highest level.  I went with my intuition which is quite strong and I truly believe that my gut was right in choosing her as she is the most warm hospitable person I've ever met, I felt comfortable and unrushed in her presence.   She explained the whole process in detail with examples to help better understand and reassure my nervous mind.  With an open mind and heart, I was cautiously optimistic of whether I'd be able to achieve what others do during a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session however I was completely blown away by the whole experience.  Being somebody who suffers with ADHD, concentration focus and overthinking is something I struggle with so I was sceptical of being able to achieve the full hypnotic state, however in return for following my instincts chosing Jo, I was able to reach the epitome of visualisation.  Being able to visualise the story of my past life...crystal clear as well as feelings of energy or thoughts that came to mind came as a surprise to me.  I truly believe I could not of chosen a better person to guide me through this blessed state of Quantum Hypnosis.  What a true honour it was to meet you Jo! She is the most, kind wonderful, naturally gifted person without a doubt I highly.... no I STRONGLY recommend Jo to anyone wanting to embark on this spectacular journey of healing and enlightenment.  Thank you Jo I look forward to another session with you in the future and will be recommending you to you to anyone seeking to delve within their soul.  You are amazing at your job.  Thank you again ! Much love to you and your soul Jo".                 (Jessica)

"Hi Jo, thank you very much for your time and expertise.  I look forward to listening to my recording to learn more about my regression and I will be recommending you to my friends who are becoming "aware".            (Tony)


"This was my first time ever to explore a hypnosis session and I contacted Jo, hesitant to try the modality.  Jo took time out of her day to speak to me over the phone and explained the process.  Her voice was very comforting and assuring and I felt completely open after speaking with her.   In my hypnosis experience I felt relaxed and safe with Jo's guidance. I was able to discover things about myself I would never have known otherwise.  I remember waking up from the hypnosis feeling rejuvenated and eager to listen to my recording and find out what had come through for me.  This allowed me to dive deep into knowledge about myself and other lifetimes.   I highly recommend Jo, she really helped me on my journey, she is such a  lovely, warm hearted person and I am glad I picked her as my practitioner."         (Stav)


"Hi Jo, I listened to the recording of my session after I got settled at home and was amazed with the answers that came out.    To have those answers come through in words from the subconscious confirmed what I have felt about people and situations for a long time.   It makes me feel I’m on the right track in my life and not losing the plot.   Your gentle guidance throughout the session helped everything to come out.   Thank you for all you have done for me.  I’m starting after all this time to see my way forward clearer and to be able to trust my source and intuition so that’s big for me.  I myself have had some inkling that my soul is completing its purpose here on the earth plane for good and is tying up loose ends and when I pass over we will leave the earth in good hands with you and others who do this valuable work to help people like myself.  I feel privileged to have met you".         (Carol)

"My session with Jo is one that I will always be so grateful for. The experiences from the life I was guided to revisit aligned so beautifully with what I felt called to release at this point in my life - the freedom and clarity of the very tangible impact this experience has had on me were unmistakable and the effects of what I was able to release continue to resonate in my life weeks later.  Jo is a talented, caring, warm and generous professional who made the process very clear from the initial booking and throughout our session. Our meeting felt natural and I felt comfortable and supported in her presence and in the space she has generously offered to her clients. I would highly recommend undertaking this process and this form of healing.    Thank you Jo for your offering and your work".         (Nadia)

"I have to tell you that I feel amazing and that after a challenging year, I finally feel like I’ve overcome the hurdles and am back to being my positive happy self again.  There are many things I have done to get me through this difficult time and it’s hard to pinpoint just one thing as it’s not as if you go in as one person and come out another immediately. I think our brains would have difficulty accepting that!  What I can tell you is that about a week after my session with you I listened to my recording and woke up feeling brand new. It’s as if something had clicked inside of me and everything had changed. I felt tremendous joy and relief and had let go of all the sadness and pain. QHHT definitely works and I wish more people would try it as it can change your life. It strengthens the connection with your higher self in a way that you feel like your intuition is rock solid—no more doubts and it doesn’t feel separate from me anymore.  It’s funny that I didn’t know why I had booked my second appointment at this time, but I followed my intuition which had guided me to do so and I’m glad I did. I will be a regular customer. I know that if you want your life to change, you need to change the inside first.    Thanks again".    (Joanna)

"Hi Jo, I always recall our session fondly.   You are amazing and thank you for helping me know more about my Higher Self and all the other amazing things that we learned during my session.   Sending love and light to you".       (Deonne)

"Thank you for my session last week Jo.   It has helped me to not only confirm but also understand a lot more about myself and my children.   I definitely feel different, so much lighter and clear on where I'm headed now.    It's really interesting because what I downloaded from the Akashic Records for both myself and my children was confirmed through this session and went deeper like another layer being revealed to me.  The session helped me to not feel alone and encourage me to continue to grow my intuitive gifts without being concerned of what others might say.  It provided so much confirmation and clarity for me.    You are a beautiful person and I'm so happy I was guided to meet you.     You have a very special gift that I know is and will help many souls on their awakening journey.    I love listening to the recording and have already listened to it twice!     I feel so much more confident to be guided to start to emerge as the true essence now of who I am''.           (Tanya)

''I felt very comfortable with Jo. She is very knowledgable and was thorough in explaining everything to me. It was my first QHHT session and I gained a lot of clarity and felt a lot of guidance and healing throughout the session. Would highly recommend!''          (Alana)

'"Thank you SO much for yesterday - that truly was an amazing life experience!  I feel so entirely grateful to have accessed this special knowledge and healing via the QHHT session.  I couldn’t have wished for a better facilitator. 

Jo was so warm, friendly, understanding, compassionate and professional in her manner.  I had been worried that I may have difficulties connecting, but she really made me feel at ease and had me connecting both easily and for a lengthy session. With her assistance I was able to view multiple past lives, have my many ‘life questions’ answered and receive some healing.  I feel like a cleansed and enhanced version of myself since and am now excited to live my life more purposefully.  I cannot recommend enough that anyone considering a session, JUST DO IT... It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself!''          (Danielle)

"I had the most amazing session with Jo.  She instantly made me feel comfortable as she is very warm and friendly.

Her technique is incredibly powerful and effective.  I have an open mind but had some reservations about whether I would be able to 'do it', but her method of inquiry was so supportive and nurturing, I found myself easily slipping into hypnosis.    I had some profound information come through to me in my session and I can't wait to listen to my recording!   Highly recommended".   (Kait)

"I would like to recommend Jo to anybody who is seeking guidance and help.  She is a wonderful practitioner full of understanding and compassion.   She is very good at what she does, I have had two sessions with her and am seeing results in my life.   Thanks Jo for everything that you have done and are doing for me, I really appreciate it."     (Guy)

"I recently had a visit with Jo.  I previously had searched online "Hypnosis Dolores Cannon Melbourne".  I then found Jo and made an appointment.  It had been years since I had read any books by Dolores and funny enough I was very taken back when I went straight into a past life the 1800's on the land that I am now living on.  I actually didn't think that I would be able to be hypnotised at all, yet I went into a deep trance state and experienced very strong emotions, both joyful and sad (tears flowed as I spoke) which left me no doubts in my mind of the little aboriginal girl I was in that life time.  I am forever grateful for the experience.  It has answered many questions I had about myself and I have received some deep healing as well.  Thank you Jo".              (Deanne)



"Thank you so much Jo.  I would never know that I can find the answers to the questions which have been hidden in my body for so many years.  Thank you so much for providing the opportunity and context for me to find the answers. You are like a super clean mirror for me".           (Sarah) 



"Hi Jo, I just wanted to say I have been thinking about my hypnosis session with you and still remember how interesting it all was.  I want you to know I never went back to drinking tea with milk and sugar again.  My health has been good since this change.   It was all because of that one hypnosis session I had with you.  I would love to do it again some time if I can find the time to go out your way.   Thanks again".     (Abbey)



"Hi Jo, thank you so much for yesterdays session.  I woke up this morning feeling like I haven't in almost a year. I have heaps of work to do but so looking forward to my journey.  Will keep you updated.  Many thanks you are a kind soul".    (Kathy)



"Hi Jo, thank you for the Soul Hypnosis, it was very insightful to say the least . Keep up the wonderful work.   It really helped me understand the angst of my childhood".   (Pat)

''Hi Jo, thank you for the email, and thank you so much for your care.  The whole experience was perhaps confronting, though I have to say that you  were brilliant, with your calmness putting me at ease.  I have listened to most of the recording twice.  Quite freaky listening to oneself talk like that.  I have found it interesting that when the tape gets to the part about meeting the higher consciousness, on both occasions I again felt that pain in the chest region. Nothing unbearable; just weird.    Interesting also listening to your comments throughout; the cynic would say that normally an individual hypnotised is “led” by loaded questions. However I thought it was very notable that you asked lots of open questions and asked me to describe what I saw, rather than telling me what to see. To me that gives everything much more credibility and makes me more likely to believe; I thank you for that''.        (George)

"Hi Jo, thank you so much again for inviting me to your lovely home.  This was the first time I have had my period and did not need to take medication.   I am sure this doesn't surprise you but I am delighted and I hope the pain eases even more next cycle.     Thank you again for all your help".     (Stacey)

"Dear Jo, I just want to say I really appreciate the time and effort you have put in to help me with my stomach issue. Your hypnosis and care has improved my situation by 90% since I last saw you.    Yesterday was the first time I was able to eat curry with no problem since 6 years ago.  Thank you very much".   (Siew Li)

''I first visited Jo after being introduced to Soul Hypnosis through Dolores Cannon books.  I was initially nervous but had begun my awakening 6 months earlier so I knew that this was the right next step.  The session was amazing and showed me a previous life where I was completely heartbroken that explained so many behaviours in this life and my subconscious provided the support and guidance I needed.  I attended again last week (a year later) a completely changed person and was shown other lives that have expanded my journey and has provided me with a path to total love now and into the future.  My fears have gone, I know who I am and what I need to achieve.  Thank you Jo.''     (Steven)

''Jo, I just wanted to thank you for the session you facilitated for me.  You are a true healer and your approach is both caring and professional.  I felt empowered in your presence and always safe and confident in your abilities.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody requiring this profound and revealing form of therapy.  I wish you all the very best for your continuing work in this field.''     (John) 


“I enjoyed everything about my session with Jo.  Our initial great conversation, which highlighted her as very open and keen to understand who I am in order to guide the session in the best possible way.  The session itself, beautifully guided, gave me great information or should I say confirmation as well.   I was also given the piece of the puzzle to understand my motivation for life and what happens when I forget about it or live my life without paying attention to my guiding beacon.  The post session conversation, Jo helps to interpret the session in a very loving way and makes the bridge between the session and my left brain. Bring in the rational without losing the magical and dreaming!  I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Jo for anyone who is looking to hear from their own higher self and is ready to embrace the mystery of life in this beautiful universe and planet which sometimes get choked by our day to day life.  We are more than we think we are!  A Big thank you Jo.”  (Miguel)


''Since my session with Jo my life and perception of what is "real" is so different. I now understand so much more fully why I have such a strong connection to Mother Earth and other dimensions.  I have spent so many years searching for answers as to why I felt so lost and different.  Now the veil has been lifted I feel so much more at peace and my husband has noticed this as well. Past lives don't seem quite as important now after experiencing "just being energy". I now see the "truth" so much more fully. Just profound love beyond this earthly comprehension, deep, deep peace and oneness with the universe.  Thank you Jo from the depths of my sacred heart. The day I spent with you was life changing. You made me feel so comfortable and wrapped in love. Each time I listen to the recording of my session I have an even deeper understanding of why I have been impacted so deeply from both past lives and this life on so many levels. I cannot recommend your hypnosis work highly enough. Dolores Cannon would be so proud of her work that you are carrying on with. It is such a legacy to her.''       (Julie)



''Seeing Jo was a deeply enriching experience. Whilst I wasn't sure what to expect, I left feeling enlightened and loved in a way that I had never experienced, despite having worked in the personal/spiritual development field for many years. I was privileged to gain insights into some life patterns and pathways that enabled release and healing and helped me to move forward in life in new positive ways. As time has passed I know that these changes have been profound and long lasting. Jo is a wonderful facilitator for change. She provides a nurturing, supportive space throughout the session and a caring commitment to her clients and their wellbeing. It is hard to put this experience into words but if you are seeking insight, change and connection I highly recommend making a booking with Jo and Soul Hypnosis.''    (Janine)



"I found Jo through having first discovered the teachings of Dolores Cannon.  Dolores’s teachings immediately struck a chord with me, and have since aroused a much deeper curiosity for the universe for which I am part of.

Before my session with Jo, I must admit I was a little sceptical but the whole experience has turned out to be surprisingly life changing.   Following our wonderful session I have gained a remarkable sense of optimism I have never felt before. I am no longer crippled by shyness and am more confident in myself and the things I believe I am capable of.  I am no longer fearful when it comes to challenges outside my comfort zone and my relationships have improved greatly. But, most importantly I've been able to make peace with wounds from the past that have until today been an obstacle to my spiritual & personal growth.   This is only the beginning.   I am discovering new things every day and it only gets better.  This is all thanks to the wonderful Jo.  By helping me unlock doors into new possibilities the future is looking pretty awesome.''     (Aaron)



''I recently experienced hypnotherapy with Jo and while I can say I went in with an open mind it actually blew my expectations of what hypnotherapy is - it's out of this world!!  That experience still months later, is helping me heal different aspects of my life!!  Also family members whom I asked for healing help with too.   I especially enjoyed listening to my past lives- this is something I know nothing about, but one thing I got without even questioning was a dent/scar I have had on my forehead since birth and when visiting a past life I understood and learned when and where it had come from- pretty amazing and powerful stuff Jo, your hard work and effort is going to help a lot of people heal through a lot of different things. I would recommend hypnotherapy for anyone who is looking to heal their life holistically.''      (Trish)



''Seriously I was a bit apprehensive at first going to a past life regression, it took myself over a month to decide to contact yourself.  I was a non believer in reincarnation, but was curious to see what would happen, upon meeting you I thought you are a nice person let's see where this takes me.    You took myself through three past lives two of them explaining certain things about myself, one being a birth mark I have on my left side of my head and the other being why I have very weak knees.  I was amazed at the end and if asked now do I believe in past lives the answer is a big YES.   You have helped me understand myself at a whole new level.  I would love to see you again one day, truly amazing''.      (Sharon)



''I came to see Jo to find out about my life's purposes and help with some health issues I had.  One of those were constant pain in my ear. The session itself was amazing, I discovered some of my past lives which answered some of my questions, then my subconscious answered the rest.  I have never had such an enlightening experience in my life and Jo did a wonderful job guiding me through it and making me feel comfortable and secure.  The morning after the session, I woke up with no pain in my ear, which was the first time in probably six months! ''       (Emilie)


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